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How would you go about getting traction?

So I’ve put all my energy and effort into getting Swayable beta launched in October test it like crazy with users & mTurkers and make updates to the site, rinse, repeat.

This week I updated the site with a new design, and tons of new features. I’m now going through additional user testing and building out items to improve on yet again.

My favorite feature is that you can actually embed the Swayable’s themselves directly into your website or blog (well except for blogs as those don’t allow iframe embeds, and go figure this blog is on a hosted site. sheesh).

When you embed, users can vote, comment and interact with Swayables on other peoples website, without being taken off of the page.  Then the Sways network wide are calculated so you can see in real time how opinions are coming in, even if the Swayable is on 80 different sites.

So Here’s my question to the blogosphere – How would you get traffic/traction for   Probably a ridiculous question but hey, I’d love some opinions and creative ideas…

And while your at it, check out Swayable, follow @swayable on twitter or follow me @harperlindsey on Twitter.


It’s official – Swayable is out of stealth mode – YIPEE!

Super short post, but after dotting all my “I’s” and crossing all my “T’s” Swayable is out of stealth mode. You can learn more about my startup at – Beta will be launching in the next couple of weeks and the iPhone application is coming in November.

<SelfPromotion> You can sign up at to be notified when I launch, or “like” the Swayable Facebook page.  You can also follow me on Twitter </SelfPromotion>

Lindsey Harper