One response to “Startups: Create the “least barrier” for your visitors via 3rd party logins & feedback tools:

  1. Completely agree about creating the least barrier to entry. The trouble is in the execution. Open ID is a great idea, but I’m hesitant to adopt it because of the horror stories I’ve read. Some of the initial problems revolve around the fragmentation of providers (did I login with google, facebook, msn live, etc), as well as relying on a third party service for your login (what happens when they go down?), and the differences in implementation of the spec.

    Anyway, here are some articles to consider, some of them are from 2009 so improvements may have been made. Jeff Atwood had a good post in defense of OpenID but judging by the comments on the post there seems to be some more work to do.

    Interesting reddit comment thread:

    In defense of OpenID, Jeff Atwood had some good points, but be sure to check out some of the comments:

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